Chairman's Message

Adv. AK Ismail Wafa

AK Ismail Wafa



There is a gold mine in every child,it’s our duty to find it. If it is polished and educated in the light of Values, the child will be able to live his full potential towards successful life here and hereafter.

We mould young minds with wonderful and effective learning experiences. Courses at Caliph aim at creating productive professionals by expanding student’s know how of who they are as an individual, intellectual, social, cultural and as creative beings.

Recognizing the challenge to nurture children in this globalized era and society, Caliph's Educational System brings educational contents, learning and teaching methodologies that are highly integrated with values and life lessons in all its Curriculum.

We strongly believe that early learning exposure of values in children will leave a long lasting impact in their life towards realizing and accepting that values as the way of life. Junior Caliph Program appeals to the communities who want their children to be well educated in spiritual, secular and academic contexts.