How Does The System Works

How Does The System Works

Caliph School of Integrated Studies

Admission is Open for two different programs at Caliph

1. Junior Caliph Program in which students are admitted to 8/9 grade where they are provided with regular CBSE Stream with Caliph's own integrated curriculum

2. The students who passed matriculation are admitted to Senior Caliph program. The regular Academic Education (Plus Two- Science/ Commerce/ Humanities) is given after or along with Entrance Coaching (NEET/IIT) / Chartered Accountancy (CA) / Company Secretaryship(CS) Cost Management Accountant (CMA )/ Civil Service Foundation /  Premier Entrance Preperation and their day to day well being is organized and practiced in Caliph. Apart from the academics, students follow the Caliph integrated Syllabus and on completion of the program students are awarded with

  • Higher Secondary (Kerala State)
  • Senior Caliph Certification.
  • Science Entrance Preperation Program
  • (CA)/  (CS) / CMA
  • Civil Service Foundation Preparation
  • Premier Entrance Preperation Program (PEPP)